About Us

Lions SaveSight Centre (Singapore), LSSC, is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore on 1st July 2008 and authorized to use the name ‘LIONS’ & Lions emblem by Lions Clubs International on 3rd July 2008. LSSC is supported by the majority of Lions Clubs in Singapore.

The LSSC in partnership with SNEC is helmed by doctors who have undergone specialized ophthalmic training at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) in diagnosing and managing in diabetic retinopathy, of glaucoma and other common eye diseases. The doctors are supported by a qualified team of trained ophthalmic nurses and allied health staff along with specialist ophthalmologists from SNEC who will contribute as visiting consultants.

LSSC’s current activities include:

  • Annual eye screening for the seniors in our community in conjunction with Lions World Sight Day
  • Regular monthly & bi-monthly eye screening for seniors at selected Homes and Senior Activity Centres
  •  Regular Eye Care lectures & talks to public and schools to educate our young on the importance of proper eye care

SNEC Partnering Organizations

  • Lions SaveSight Centre
  • Singapore Eye Research Institute
  • Diabetic Society of Singapore
  • Lions Clubs International – District 308-A1 (Singapore)

The Lions SaveSight Centre (Singapore) endeavors to:

  • Establish a centre for the prevention of blindness with strong emphasis on diabetes retinopathy, a blinding complication of diabetes
  • Develop prevention of blindness program for other important causes of blindness such as cataract, corneal diseases and glaucoma
  • Create care services, education and training, screening and counseling and research to complement current developments in the prevention of blindness
  • Coordinate outreach prevention of blindness programs to extend to neighbouring countries, in Asia and beyond
  • Establish eye banking and corneal transplantation with links to Lions Clubs International and its networks and links on sight conservation and eye banks