Eye Care Talks

(Written by Lion Jenny Tan)

The Lions SaveSight Centre (LSSC), jointly with the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) and The Singapore Teachers’ Union (STU) embarked on a Community outreach program to save sight and to promote good eye care.

The objective of the talk is to create an awareness of the importance of good eye sight and proper eye care to our students.

The talk covers different types of common eye conditions such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism.

The talk emphasises on good eye care habits and how to prevent the worsening of eye conditions in children.

Schools have been informed through STU’s newsletter regarding the eye-care talks. Schools interested in holding the talks then contact a member from STU’s AGE committee.

The AGE committee member then liaised with the schools and made arrangements with the Chief Optometrist to assign speakers for the talks.

Optometrists from SNEC have conducted the educational talks for Primary schools, Secondary schools and Junior Colleges.

A visual display by SNEC was set up in the schools for a period of two weeks.
After the talk, pupils were encouraged to visit the display area to understand better on the importance of good eye-care.

Altogether the eye care talks were conducted in 6 schools this year.

The 6 schools were Kheng Cheng Pr School, Xin Min Pr School, Pei Tong Pr school, Fu Chun Sec. School, Eunos Pr . School and Loyang Sec School.

For next year there are plans to conduct Eye Care Talks in schools where there are Parents Support Groups.  The committee felt that conducting talks to parents will be beneficial to them and their children.

This is a voluntary outreach program and schools which are interested are kindly requested to contact Ms Tay Mui Gim at muigv@hotmail.com