Lions World Sight Day 2015 @ Eunos CC

The annual LSSC event for eye screening service, “Lions World Sight Day 2015” was successfully conducted on 4th Oct 2015 at Eunos Community Club, 180 Bedok Reservoir Road. This event is to tie in with the LCI World Service Day in the month of October. The Guset of Honour  to grace the event was Dr Lam Pin Min, Minister of State for Health. The special guest is our LCI 308-A1 District Governor Nancy Lim and the Host from Eunos Constinuency, Mr Zainul Abideen Rashid.

Prior to the event date, the Organizing Chairperson, Lion Jennifer Chew, assisted by Lion James Ko (Dy OC), Advisers (PDG Han TF & Lion Robert Tng), Treasurer Lion Eric Koh plus several other team members, have held a few meetings to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the team members.

As there was a health concern in view of prolong hazy condition which persisted into the unhealthy PSI level, thus the number senior residents from Eunos constituency who pre-registered for the eye screening on LWSD was very low, as at end of Sep 2015 only around 250 pax have registered, the targeted number is 600 seniors, age above 50years.  Efforts were made to co-ordinate with LBSA to get the seniors from Lions Befriender to fill the targeted number of seniors for the eye screening, however, most of the seniors from Lions Befriender have already done their eye screening recently.

Fortunately, as the hazy condition has improved in early Oct, more seniors from Eunos constituency turned up to register for their eye screening, around 350 pax have pre-registered.  It was also very fortunate that on the LWSD, 4th Oct 2015, the haze has cleared up and a total of 410 seniors from Eunos constituency have done their eye screening. There were also 35 seniors from various Lions Clubs who have registered on that day and done their eye screening, making a total of 445 pax for this year’s LWSD. This slightly below the target of 600 pax, as some seniors from Eunos constituency who may have respiratory sickness and are afraid of the hazy condition, thus they did not pre-register for the eye screening.

The LRS team members assisted and dispensed new reading glasses to those seniors who need it after their eye screening.  The Lions Stamp Club and LRS team also put up a stall to sell souvenir items for fund raising. There was very good support for volunteers from various Lions clubs who turned up to assist in the event.

This year’s LWSD sponsorship received from individual Lions Clubs members and non Lions plus various Lions Clubs sponsorship reached a record sum of $25,930.